Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preshoot

A bar/bat mitzvah pre shoot is probably one of the most fun sessions I get to do. I love collaborating with a child to completely plan a session around their theme so they feel excited and involved. Being photographed can cause a lot of anxiety in children because they don’t know how to pose, they feel awkward or just don’t like the attention. As a fashion photographer, my job is know how to pose, give direction and make people look their best. That expertise is brought right to the pre shoot.  There’s a reason why most of my clients tell me how confident and beautiful their children feel after our pre shoot.  I know how to extract that and there is almost no greater feeling than that. From locations, to attire, to props, I can help plan it all and I’m happy to recommend several talented designers who can turn those images into amazing artistry for the party. I have hair and makeup artists on my team that can transform any teenager and make them feel like a million bucks. Interested in learning more? Let’s talk.