{Blog Series} Boudoir is for EVERYbody: Danielle’s story.

Those that know her are drawn to her like I was immediately. Her spunky personality, infectious laughter and her cute haircut. But Danielle and I met a year ago because she was in a not-so-great place and needed something to help her get out of it. She thought a boudoir session with VeroLuce Boudoir was just what she needed. And it was!  That session bonded us as we instantly became fast friends, but she started as a client just like any other. Here is her story…

boudoir with man's tieI was at a time in my life where I felt in between. At 37 you’re too young to be old and too old to be young. I am a mom of 3 children; twin 7 year olds and a 3 year old. I often get caught up in all of my little hangups and at the time I booked with Veronica I was convinced that this is as good as I get. About a year prior to me being introduced to boudoir I went through a really rough patch. I had what you would call a “nervous breakdown.” This was something that took a long time to happen but when it hit, it hit fast! The healing process was ugly but I prevailed and got the help I needed. I had seen Veronica on a local television interview ( you can view my TV interview here http://youtu.be/lXol4mOQaI4)  and coincidentally, though it was a year or so since my breakdown, it was one of those days where I felt I was going backwards and was scared that I would once again slip into the depression that almost ruined my life. As I listened to what Veronica had to say, something just made me want to learn more and impulsively I called her and made the first step closer to changing the way I felt as a woman.

Of course I had reservations about doing a session.  I didn’t come from a modest family or anything but I never saw myself as sexy or sensual. I am built like a 12 year old boy and I have what you call a mommy belly or a c-section belly after having 3 kids. I also associated such a photo shoot as either something that might be naughty or not acceptable.
This experience completely changed my perception of myself.  It changed the way I felt as a woman, as a mother, and as a wife; all being separate things! After the photo shoot, as I looked through the pictures, I somehow thought “is that really me or is that me trying to be someone else?”  Well you can’t be someone else.  You’re not covered up in comfortable clothing during a session and you are just so vulnerable that you have to just let your guard down and realize that this is your moment and whether its a gift for your husband or an ” I am woman hear me roar moment” to boost your self confidence, it is YOU!  And Veronica is so great at making you feel comfortable when you are self-conscious and vulnerable.
The best part of the experience is realizing that I am not defined by what I am. I am not just a mother or just a wife or just a woman. This experience made me see that I do have dimension, that I can take risks, and that I want to be sexy not just for my husband but for me as a woman. It also showed me that being sexy is not just taking off your clothes for a photo shoot. Sexy is sense of empowerment in the experience itself and that it IS all about the experience! It didn’t hurt that my husband was at a loss for words, too. Who doesn’t want that?
Hair and makeup by Anna Duffy
boudoir with sports jersey
boudoir with sports jersey
boudoir with sexy shoes
boudoir sexy black and white

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  1. GREAT story and photo shoot. I have always thought Danielle had this type of sexy potential. It is great that you were able to bring this side of her out in the open and that she has now embraced it! Great job.

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