Corporate and Product Photography

Veronica has been photographing corporate events, expos, banquets, website rebrands, schools, seminars and trainings for 2 decades. Capturing those kinds of events is not as easy as one would think. There is an art to capturing speakers so they don’t look odd during a presentation. It takes patience during a cocktail party making sure you get that perfect moment of laughter and fun instead of people in the middle of chewing food and looking awkward. There is a skill to these kinds of events that the inexperienced or newcomers just cannot do yet. It takes a certain personality to walk a room and talk to people to make them comfortable and stage a photo for marketing material. Veronica works with all kinds of corporations from big to solopreneurs to make sure their event is captured perfectly, that their website photos represent their vision, and their social media presence is representative of their brand. Let’s collaborate and make your company marketing material shine.